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Thelma FRESH - Production & Trade of Pomegranate

The Ethical Commercial Practices Policy pursued by THELMA FRESH S.M.P.C is in line with its objectives:
(a) for full compliance with existing national and Community legislation;
(b) to fully meet the requirements of its customers
(c) for the development and implementation of a System of Ethical Commercial Practices in accordance with the Sedex (Smeta) standard; and
(d) for the continuous improvement of the performance of the Ethical Commercial Practices in its daily operation.

In an effort to achieve the goals it has set, the company develops activities that include:

• Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the company has signed, which are related to its ethical aspects.
• Invest financially, in a sustainable way, in the best available technologies and practices, in order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, to satisfy employees, to save energy and natural resources and to reduce to a minimum the production of waste and emissions.
• Promoting a culture of integrity and creating a work environment in which employees feel comfortable raising issues and concerns without fear of retaliation.
• Responding to employees' ethical concerns in a timely and professional manner.
• The non-employment of persons under 18 years of age, pregnant women in advanced pregnancy or persons with health problems.
• The building of a culture of integrity through its decisions on recruitment and promotions with the main concern being the moral character and behavior of employees.
• Recycling by disposing of the recyclable by-products, waste and residues of its activities for recycling.
• The immediate examination of any non-compliance, accident and complaint concerning the working environment in order to identify its causes and take appropriate corrective and preventive measures to avoid recurrence.
• The preparation of emergency action plans for dealing with accidents.
• The training / education of employees in matters of Ethical Commercial Practices giving incentives to its executives to carry out their duties responsibly.
• Encouraging all its partners in terms of environmental protection.


"Sorting, Packaging & Sale of Pomegranate"

The Quality & Food Safety Policy based on which all actions of THELMA FRESH SMPC are planned, is in line with its objectives: (a) to fully meet the requirements of its customers, (b) for the quality and safety of the products produced , (c) for full compliance with current legislation and (d) for the development and implementation of a Quality & Food Safety Management System (FSAP). In an effort to achieve the goals it has set, the company develops activities that include:

• The conscious implementation of a Quality Management & Food Safety System in terms of processing, packaging and trade of agricultural products and the continuous effort to improve efficiency.

• The achievement of the required specifications, whether they are a consequence of legal requirements and customer requirements, or are specifications that cover the above and are set by the Management Representative of the company.

• Customer satisfaction through the prevention of errors at every level of its operations and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management & Food Safety System that is applied, in order to continuously improve the products produced.

• The review and revision of the objective objectives of Quality & Food Safety.

• The observance of all the rules of good hygiene and industrial practice at all stages of the production process.

• The clear definition of critical control points and the continuous evaluation of critical control points to detect new risks that may arise.

• Precautionary measures and controls that prevent the existence of unsafe products and non-compliances.

• The continuous control of the implementation of all the safety and legality requirements related to the production of products, as well as the evaluation of the level of the provided services.

• The encouragement of customers, suppliers and subcontractors in the implementation of quality systems.

• The selection of the appropriate staff and their continuous training and information at regular intervals on issues of personal hygiene, workplace hygiene and food safety.


Dear partners,
The rapidly changing business environment we operate requires our timely response to preserve a corporate culture based on strong and consistent values ​​and leads us to the immediate adoption of change and innovative ideas.
We operate responsibly, transparently, with meritocracy, in a high-performance environment, with appropriate standards of behavior and cooperation.

Our mission is to sell high quality pomegranates providing a friendly and safe working environment.

We make sure our values ​​meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We approach our customers responsibly, we care about their needs and we adopt technological solutions for the best customer experience.

Our people, with a high sense of responsibility, enjoy a modern and meritocratic work environment.
We encourage open communication and the expression of different views.

We inform the competent bodies about any negligence and / or illegal, dishonest act and / or irregularity that comes to our notice, even if it concerns procedures and data.

We participate in cases and actions that may be related to criminal activities, bribery
or corruption.


We follow our Code and Policies, and we have an obligation to report any irregularities we find.
A basic and inviolable principle is the protection of the anonymity and the principle of confidentiality of the data of the persons submitting such reports.
Thelma Fresh opposes retaliation against any employee who reports or participates in the investigation of any breach of the Code of Conduct & Ethics.
We remember that any timely complaint that is submitted in a timely manner protects both the company and all of us.
We adhere to the Code of Ethics & Ethics in order for behaviors to be governed by integrity and trust.


political ¨ not retaliation¨

The "No Retaliation" policy describes our provisions against employees who report harmful, discriminatory or immoral conduct. Whether the accusations are true or false, our company wants to prevent victimization and / or other retaliation against any employee. It is our principle, the employees of our company not to be afraid to talk about any issues.

We follow all legal prohibitions on retaliation and have given employees the right to speak out on any offense. In any case, we will make an effort to maintain legitimacy and business ethics.

Employees have the right to report problems, suggestions or issues. All complaints will remain confidential and the investigation will be as inconvenient as possible.
In cases of lawsuits or complaints filed with an authority or legal entity, employees will not be the victims of retaliation.
If an employee complains to our company about another employee, we will take it seriously and investigate it thoroughly. If we have to act immediately during our investigation (as in cases of harassment), we will ensure that the employee who lodged the complaint will not be affected in any way.


corporate social responsibility

Thelma Fresh (CSR) social responsibility refers to our responsibility towards the environment. The existence of our company is not alone. It is part of a larger system of people, values, other organisms and nature.
We want to be a responsible company that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.
The social responsibility of our company falls into two categories: a) compliance and b) precaution. Compliance refers to our company's commitment to legitimacy and willingness to uphold Community values. Foresight is any initiative to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.
Business ethics
We will always conduct procedures with integrity and respect for human rights.
We will promote:
Respect for the consumer
Anti-corruption and anti-corruption practices
Protecting the environment
Our company recognizes the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and undefiled is a benefit for everyone. We will always follow best practices when disposing of waste and using chemicals.Protection of people
We will ensure that:
The health and safety of our employees are not endangered.
Human Rights
Our company is committed to the protection of human rights. We are committed employers of equal opportunities and will adhere to all fair work practices. We will ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights.
Preservation of the environment
In addition to legal obligations, our company will protect the environment as a precaution. Examples of related activities include:
Energy saving
Use of environmentally friendly technologies

Human Rights

Regardless of personal characteristics or status, Thelma Fresh does not tolerate disrespectful or inappropriate behavior, unfair treatment or retaliation of any kind in the workplace and in any case related to work, but it happens outside the workplace.

We value diversity
Thelma Fresh appreciates the diversity of the people we work with and their contribution. We have been committed to equal opportunities for many years and we do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. We are committed to maintaining workplaces that do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, nationality or ethnicity, class, religion, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender, political beliefs or any other form of belief. protected by applicable law.
In every field and culture, Thelma Fresh aims to be the employer of choice. We seek, hire, place, train, remunerate and promote the best executives for the job based on their value and skills in relation to the job - without discrimination.

Safe and healthy workplace
Thelma Fresh makes every effort to provide all its employees with a safe and healthy workplace and complies with all applicable safety and health laws, regulations and internal requirements.
In addition, Thelma Fresh is committed to maintaining a workplace free of violence, bullying and other unsafe or annoying conditions due to internal or external threats. Employee safety measures are provided as needed and will be maintained with respect for the privacy and dignity of employees.

Child labour
Thelma Fresh will not tolerate child labor in both its activities and the activities of its suppliers. We believe that any kind of work is harmful, abusive or destructive if started at a very young age. Therefore, we do not employ children - and we do not work with suppliers or other third parties who employ children - under the age of 15 or below the minimum age limit for employment, whatever age is older. In addition, we will not employ anyone under the age of 18 if they may engage in work that could be classified as hazardous and we will not tolerate suppliers or third parties doing so.